Design inside
virtual reality

VR Sketch is an extension for SketchUp which gives anyone the ability to create, edit and view their models in VR.

Drawing and designing inside virtual reality using VR Sketch
Great work. I have experimented with many VR based design apps. This is the best VR design experience I’ve had.

Jonah Hawk, Associate Partner, ZGF Architects

VR Sketch is an amazingly efficient way to test our designs!

Jarl Vindnaes - Co-Founder of

VR Sketch has revolutionized the conceptual part of our projects!

Adam Wysocki - Architect and Director of Studio De Materia

Used VR Sketchup for my Design tech class. It's a great collaborative tool.

Fadi Boutanos - High School teacher in Ontario

Wow this is incredible!


VR sketch is now an integral part of our design process and customer review process.

Jarl Vindnaes - Co-Founder of

The revolution in design is coming in seven mile steps!

Adam Wysocki - Architect and Director of Studio De Materia

We were very surprised at how efficient it is and how much of a game changer this has been for us.

Jarl Vindnaes - Co-Founder of

VR Sketch is a very easy way to work on a model while having real control. It’s akin to creating a life-size mockup.

Adam Wysocki - Architect and Director of Studio De Materia

The extension worked flawlessly with Sketchup on the first try with my Vive.

Goat D.

This is really great! I love the way you can keep scaling way past 1:1.

Alex B.


The value VR Sketch bring to designers is the ability to communicate space clearly
allowing well informed decisions to made with instant feedback of those decisions

Draw in VR

Draw in VR

Draw, drag, push-pull, multiply... create with your hands the way you would expect



Fits into your current work flow. No importing, no exporting



Update VR from SketchUp and SketchUp from inside VR in real time


Draw in VR

Works with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Present in VR


Easily show others your designs with built in navigation helper tools



Have multiple people work in the same file at once