Frequently asked questions

VR Sketch is an extension/plugin for SketchUp that lets you use SketchUp while inside virtual reality (VR).

With any SketchUp file open you just click "Send to VR" and you can start walking around your file.

It's not just for viewing your files, you can draw and edit while in VR. All the major SketchUp tools are available in VR, so you can push/pull, move, draw, copy, scale and much more.

  • SketchUp 2017, 2018 or 2019
  • Our VR Sketch extension. Download here and more instructions here
  • A VR headsets. We support both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Touch.
  • A VR suitable computer and graphics cards. For recommended system requirements see HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

We support both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Touch. Windows mixed reality headsets seem to work as well but are not officially supported yet.

There are two ways to get VR Sketch.

  • Download the extension from here and install it.
  • Open SketchUp and use the Extension Manager to add VR Sketch

For more detailed instruction visit the documentation here.

Yes. We have spend lots of development time optimising VR Sketch to work with files of all sizes. If your files are super large your hardware (normally your GPU) may struggle. We have also found that keeping your geometry inside groups and components helps speed things up.

Yes. VR Sketch supports multiple people in VR working on the same file using our Collaboration feature. To collaborate with someone, all you need to do is upload the file and send them the link then they can all join the same shared SketchUp file and work together.

VR Sketch also allows one person to be inside VR while the other is at the computer. Both people will be able to see each others actions is real time.

Yes, VR Sketch works with SketchUp 2017 Make and Pro, SketchUp 2018 Make and Pro as well as SketchUp 2019 Pro.

To download older versions of SketchUp go to /

They have different advantages and disadvantages. VR Sketch is designed so that you can very easily swap between VR and the screen to take advantage of both tool sets.

You don't need to. Just click "Send to VR" and put your headset on. You don't need to export your work either.

VR Sketch has a real-time link with your SketchUp file, this means that any changes you make in VR are instantly updated in SketchUp and any changes you make in SketchUp are instantly seen in VR.

To save your work, just click save as you normally do in SketchUp.