Draw in VR

Draw in VR

Draw, drag, push-pull, multiply... create with your hands the way you would expect



Update VR from SketchUp and update SketchUp from inside VR

Present in VR


Easily show others your designs with built in navigation helper tools

Try Beta Now

VR Sketch is currently in open beta. That means that you can try the full power of VR Sketch for free. Download the sketchup extension directly from the sketchup warehouse under the name "VR Sketch" or here.

  • Teleportation and Scale
  • Drawing lines and faces
  • Push-pull
  • Groups and Components
  • Move, Copy and Multiply
  • Lots more...
  • How to Download
  • How to Install
  • How to Run
  • How to Navigate
  • How to Draw
  • Lots more...