Settings in SketchUp

Icon tray

  • Send to VR and teleport tool:
    • If the model has not already been sent to VR then this button will send the model to VR.
    • If the model is already in VR, click this button and then click anywhere in the model. This will teleport the person in VR to stand at the point you clicked. This is useful to move someone around your model.
  • Copy VR location - Click this to align the SketchUp view point with the view of the VR headset. This is useful to see what the person in VR is looking at or working on.
  • Configure VR view - This will open the configuration window for VR Sketch.


  • Send to VR - This will send you currently opened SketchUp model to VR.
  • Center view - This will align the SketchUp view point with the view of the VR headset
  • Configuration - This will open the configuration window for VR Sketch.
  • Custom Sky image - Use this to override the default sky background image.
  • Shared Room - Use this to share your current model online, allowing multiple people to view or edit a SketchUp model together.
  • Play a VR video - Use this to open and play a VR video.
  • Record a VR video - Use this to record a VR video.
  • Documentation - This will open the documentation website for help.
  • License - This will open the license information. Here you can see your license status, expiry date and manage your subscription.

Configuration options

Enable actions in VR

  • Teleporting (trigger) - Toggles whether or not you can use the Teleport tool in VR.
  • Move/scale/rotate model ("grip" buttons on the side) - Toggles whether or not you can use the grip buttons to move, scale or rotate the model in VR.
    • Rotate can flip the model - if enabled, rotating with the grip buttons can flip the model 90 degrees on its side. This is disabled by default because it can be very confusing for the VR user.
  • Editing (change tools with the touchpad) - Turn on or off the ⋮ menu button.


  • Shadows follow SketchUp sun direction - Toggle whether or not the shadows follow the SketchUp setting for the sun direction (outside the warehouse only). Can be slightly confusing for the VR user, because when he or she rotates the model, the sun direction rotates too. This breaks the illusion that we are turning a model in our hands.
  • Edges, Hide Rest Of Model, Fog - these are settings that you should configure normally inside SketchUp, and which will be mirrored in VR automatically.


  • This measure is in real-life mm. It changes how close to a point, axis or plane you must be before snapping occurs. It also changes the automatic rounding of distances. Default value: 35 mm.