View Tools

These tools can be found by hovering the controller above the Teleport tool.

Tape measure tool

Tape measure can be used for measuring distances and angles.

  • The tool always projects a laser in front of it, with a green cross at the end. This green cross is also visible on the computer screen (it is a way to communicate between the person in VR and the person in front of the computer).
  • The approximate distance between the controller and the green cross is displayed along the line.
  • When the green cross is showing on a face, click the trigger to measure the length perpendicular to the face. (This is useful to measure e.g. the width of a corridor.)
  • If you move the controller over an object, the tool switches to a different mode: Click the trigger once on the starting point, and another time on the ending point. You will see the distance between the two points. After this, move the controller around to see angles.
  • The location of the second click is recorded as a special guide point. This point will show up for alignment in all tools that you use afterwards. To remove it, use the eraser tool.

Tape measure tool Context Menu options

  • Lock direction to... - Locks the direction to an axis or plain.
  • Unlock direction - Removes any locking constraints. This option only shows if the direction is locked.

Section cut tool

The tool to temporarily cut your model.

  • Move the controller to the point at which you want to draw the section plane. Click with the trigger to set the position of the plane, then move the controller to choose the axis perpendicular to the section plane. Click a second time to set the orientation of the plane.
  • To remove a section plane, hold in the ⋮ tools button and choose the Delete section plane tool. This tool is only visible if you have already created a section plane.
  • You can also use the eraser, the move and the rotate tools on the section plane.
  • You can only create one section plane at a time.

Camera Tool

This tool lets you capture photos and videos of your model from inside VR.

  • When the Camera tool is active you will see a preview window from the cameras point of view.
  • Use the Context Menu button to change from Photo mode to Video mode.
  • Click with the trigger to take a photo or if you are in video mode start or stop recording a video.
  • Any photos you take will be saved to the current users "Pictures/VR Sketch" folder.
  • Any videos you record will be saved to the current users "Videos/VR Sketch" folder.
  • The Context Menu button can also be used to change to "fixed" mode. Move in front of the camera to take photos and videos of yourself (or group selfies when viewing a cloud model). You can still move a fixed camera by click and drag.

Markup Tool (a.k.a. Notes Tool)

Draw colourful free hand lines that are not part of the geometry.

  • To select a colour touch the touchpad/thumbstick to the colour you wish to draw with.
  • To draw, hold in the trigger and move the controller. Release the trigger to stop drawing.
  • To erase a drawing touch the touchpad/thumbstick to the drawing eraser tool. (In the same way you choose a colour) With the drawing eraser selected (Not the Eraser tool) hold in the trigger and move the controller. Release the trigger to stop erasing. The speed you move the eraser determines how big the eraser is.
  • Drawing or erasing markup lines will not effect any geometry.
  • Markup lines can be saved with SketchUp files.
  • When viewing cloud models, you can draw markup lines but (so far) not save them.
  • Markup lines appear in SketchUp too, but only if the "Send to VR" tool is currently selected in SketchUp.